Using Jasperstudio without java programming


I am trying to find out if it is possible to get the most out of jasperstudio without any java code. At some points it seems that i com to the limits for example by creating table of contents and filling tables with data from database. I want to find a solution, which make it possible for  a user without any java knowledge and only with SQL knowledge to make reports. Is it possible with jasper? If not dose anyone know if it is possible to program the needed java classes and bind the jar files to the jasperstudio and at the compile time jasper runs those jars? In this way the person without java knowledge who is meant to work jasper does his part and for parts like table of content and more complicated reports he can use the java classes inside the jasperreport .


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It's also possible to use JavaScript, groovy, and bsh as a lanuage.

It's also possible to create custom functions and scriplets to minimize end user knowledge of a programming language.


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