fill report with json data using rest service.


Im looking for obtain PDF report from my JasperServer, with a embbemed json in the request as a DataSource which fill the report.  Im using Angular-JS. 

I found this solution wich use XML instead.  

This is the correct way to do it?.  

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Oooops. Just found this

Lets test it =). - 7 years 3 months ago

2 Answers:

You could check my answer here:

It is more up-to-date and involves REST services. Although it is for XML it can easily be switched to use JSON (with JSON_INPUT_STREAM or net.sf.jasperreports.json.source parameter) 

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I pass json data through JSON_INPUT_STREAM but report datasets doesn't seem to get json data. I put in table dataset parameters to retreive JSON_INPUT_STREAM and net.sf.jasperreports.json.source parameters from master report, but nothing happens.

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