Web Service Data Source

Reporting from REST Web Services (XML and JSON)


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Fantastic for creating complex reports from complex JSON structures.

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GREAT for interfacing REST-API

Very important plugin for us! Works great as interface to our REST-API (JSON), that we use as data source. I think it is very flexible and straight forward and I would be happy to see it as part of the official Jaspersoft solution in some future release.

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JSON works well, although arrays within arrays require the use of [0] array item specifications. A pretty good product for JSON only results.

XML does not work at all with namespaces. This is a major issue given multiple namespaces in REST responses is highly likely in XML - one for the search results wrapper, one or more for the data being returned. Using namespaces wildcards doesn't work either (*:elementName). Using just element names with no namespaces shows the data for all results as the same data - the data of just the first result repeated N times.

If your JSON has non standard, but valid, property names they are ignored by the parser and left blank. E.g. metadata["{somenamespace}ElementName"] as returned from MarkLogic's REST API for search element extraction.

No support for Digest authentication by default - only None or Basic.

Would be good to see more documentation. E.g. for search style endpoints where looping across pages of results to fetch all data is required. This is aluded to, but no documentation I can find shows how to do this.

Pretty good for raw json though.