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TIBCO JasperMobile SDK for iOS

The simplest way to build TIBCO JasperReports Server apps!

NOTE: Please refer to VisualizeJS for embedding analytics seamlessly into your apps. Jaspermobile has been discontinued and will be available for users as 'what you see is what you get'. 


Welcome to the TIBCO Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for iOS the toolkit you can use to develop native iOS applications to execute and view reports from your phone or tablet using the Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for iOS.

The interaction with JasperReports Server is based on the new REST APIs that come with JasperReports Server 5.5+.

The JasperMobile for iOS application is built using this SDK. The source for that application is freely available, and can be used as a sample app by developers looking to integrate the reporting and analysis services of JasperReports Server within their native mobile application. 


Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for iOS is a set of Objective-C classes and UI components to easily connect and consume the services provided by JasperReports Server using the REST API (available in JasperReports Server 5.5 or greater).
The SDK is divided in three groups of classes:

  • JSClient, which includes all the classes to interact with the JasperReports Server REST API
  • JSUIComponents, a set of view controllers to navigate, explore and view resources and reports
  • JSInputControls, a complete set of custom table cell implementations to render input controls provided by JasperReports Server to run a report.

The following figure provides a high level view of the content of the development kit.