TIBCO JasperMobile SDK for Android

The simplest way to build TIBCO JasperReports Server apps!

Welcome to the TIBCO Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for Android, the development environment to build BI into your native mobile app.

Develop native Android applications to execute and view reports from your phone or tablet using the Jaspersoft Mobile API. The SDK can be used with JasperReports Server version 5.5 or above *

Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for Android provides core services to interface with JasperReports Server, to jump start the projects. Developers can leverage the features and services provided in the SDK, and spend more of their time developing elements unique to their own mobile apps.

The JasperMobile for Android application was developed using the Jaspersoft Mobile SDK.



Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for Android is a set of classes and UI components designed to easily connect and consume the services provided by JasperReports Server using the REST API (compatible with this SDK in JasperReports Server 4.5.1 or greater).

The SDK is divided in two groups of classes:

  • Client, includes all the classes to interact with the JasperReports Server REST API
  • UI, a set of view related adapters, controls and resources

The following figure provides a high level view of the content of the development kit. 

* The SDK can be used with JasperReports Server CE verion 4.5.0, after applying the JRS CE 4.5.0 Android compatibility hotfix.
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