PHP Client

Add Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics to your PHP Applications

1. Requirements

To use this client you need:
  * JasperReports Server (version >= 5.2)
  * PHP (version >= 5.3, with the php-curl extention)
  * Composer dependency manager (recommended, but not required)

2. Downloading

The PHP Client can be obtained multiple ways

1) Download from Releases tab of the PHP Client extension listing. 

2) Install using Composer.

3. Installation

1) Add the following to the composer.json file for your project:
    "require": {
        "jaspersoft/rest-client": "*"
2) Regenerate your vender/autoload.php using composer.
Alternatively, you can use the provided autoload.dist.php to load the classes from this client.

3. Resources

See Also: