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Jaspersoft ETL Plugin

Execute reports and manage Jasperserver's resources within your Jaspersoft ETL jobs

Jaspersoft ETL is a branded version of the Talend ETL product. ETL is a common requirement for BI projects. That is why we offer a branded version of Talend ETL with our product offering, giving our users this feature without requiring them to obtain 2 different licenses from 2 vendors.

Now, Added Value for Jaspersoft ETL

Jaspersoft is a great product, specifically oriented to front-end consumer users. This means that for some activities such as scheduling, for example, we give very basic support.  Jaspersoft ETL could fill this gap providing a set of components to interact with your JasperReports Server instance. This is the idea behind this project.

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Check this page for detailed info to get you started: Get the Jaspersoft ETL Plugin

Jaspersoft ETL Plugin 

Is an easy way to ship a set of components in Jaspersoft ETL giving you a GUI interface to interact with JasperReports Server WebServices for all kind of back-end requirements.

  • Interact with JasperReports Server directly in your job easily
  • Just drag and drop the component you are interested in and put the jrs url, username and password. And it simply works!
  • Behind the scenes a REST call is made, leveraging our great Java Rest Client.

ETL Components

  • Talend ETL, similar to studio, uses a set of components in a Palette
  • There is a large variety of Components for different purposes
  • To build a component, it is not needed to build java code (javajet)
  • There is an XML to configure the behavior of the component and the configuration you will have access to, etc..
  • You can create a new component and add it on the TalendForge Commuity

Talend Plugin

Talend is Eclipse based and uses plugins to extend its capabilities. This means we can build a plugin to contain all our component to ship them easily.

Benefits of building a plugin for Talend

  • Keep all your components together
  • Easier to share and deliver
  • Self-contained
  • Easier to centralize common resources (jar,images,..)
  • Advanced customizations (javajet)

See this page for more details: Create a Talend Plugin

Use cases

Create Organization Structure

  • Create the Organization and users and roles driven by anything (a query, an XML …)
  • Very useful for SoftwareAsAService application
  • Manage User roles and attributes without customizing JasperReports Server security

Handle Import – Export with an ETL job

  • Export your JasperReports Server repository
    • for back up purpose
    • for SAAS customers (usually using Multi-Tenancy feature) to clone an organization template, including canned reports, anytime they have a new customer
      • This is not easy in JasperReports Server and requires the user to manually modify the export zip content in order to change the organization name
  • Storing the export somewhere on an FTP server, or in the cloud (Amazon S3 as example. Talend has a specific component for that, ready to be used)
  • Run automatically  every night
  • Sending an email at the end of process

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