iReport Designer

The Report Development Tool for JasperReports and JasperReports Server


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iReport is an end user tool to visually create and execute JasperReports reports. This is very clear information you can get.

What is not so obvious, however, is that this tool actually allows both users and developers to concentrate on what's really important: information quality. By not having to worry about how to automate some task, the developer can create more ellaborate report designs. By not having to recur to programming, users get a faster response and increase the number of times a report is run.

All this happen through iReport's interface, a well designed NetBeans application that can be run either as a NetBeans IDE plugin, or standalone.  Users will prefer the standalone version, which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux OS' as well as many others.  Programmers go as comfortably with the plugin version or with the standalone version.  

There is a simple workflow to be understood, prior to being effective with iReport:

  1. Create a blank report design;
  2. Define a database connection;
  3. Define a query to the database;
  4. Drag fields to the detail band;
  5. Improve the design;

One unique feature of iReport, that may be confused for a quirk but really is a good thing, is that it won't compile a report definition if every field can't be completelly rendered, that is, presented.  This effectively contributes to a final report design that is self-checked.  What I mean is that iReport, in practice, helps the user compose a good report, instead of being just a visual editor waiting for the end user to mind every little detail.

A really nice thing, the way the application previews the report by just selecting the "preview" tab, allows for a much dinamic compose/test cycle.  This is almost an invitation to creation.

Where designing a report was a boring and cumbersome task, in the past, with iReport it has become a fun and rewarding one. Can't go wrong with it.

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Best Report Design tool.

I have developed various type of report using iReport Designer. It provides to develop and design report by assigning property for export level in the report.


Amit Kukadiya

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Great tool, way better than Jaspersoft Studio.