iReport Designer

The Report Development Tool for JasperReports and JasperReports Server

iReport 5.5.1 (v5.5.1)

Published: 2014-Feb-10
The iReport Team is pleased to announce the new iReport release: 5.5.1.
iReport is available as standalone application and as NetBeans plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.5.x and later. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes.
Replaced JasperReports with the latest version (5.5.1)
iReport/Jaspersoft Studio Support Announcement
As of version 5.5.0, Jaspersoft Studio will be the official design client for JasperReports.
iReport will remain as a supported product in maintenance-only mode until December 31, 2015,
meaning we will continue to fix critical defects in upcoming releases but no new features will
be added to the iReport client. Continue to maintain your existing reports with the new Jaspersoft Studio!

iReport 5.1.0 (v5.1.0)

Published: 2013-Apr-30

iReport 5.0.4 (v5.0.4)

Published: 2013-Apr-02

iReport 5.0.1 (v5.0.1)

Published: 2013-Jan-08

iReport 5.0.0 (v5.0.0)

Published: 2012-Nov-27

iReport 4.8.0 (v4.8.0)

Published: 2012-Nov-05

iReport 4.7.1 (v4.7.1)

Published: 2012-Sep-21