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  • Unable to log any LDAP information to aid JRS SSO debugging effort

    Tom C
    • Edited on:
    • Features: Logging Version: v9.0.0, v8.2.0 Product: JasperReports® Server

    Multiple users has complained that they are not able to log any SSO information to aid their debugging efforts.

    Tech support has worked with those users to test various settings in log4j2.properties file and determined the following setting would help to gather the SSO debugging information:

    rootLogger.level = INFO

    Notice the other settings do not work to fix this particular problem:  rootLogger.level = ERROR or rootLogger.level = DEBUG

    The problem seems to stem from a logging clean up effort to obscure verbose stack trace information in the log file. However, this overzealous clean up work has in essence inadvertently removed much useful information crucial to aid troubleshooting effort. The above log setting to alleviate the problem is not officially sanctioned therefore it is for your information only.

    A report internally referenced as JS-70310 has been filed to address this issue and to either A) have this logging configuration QA certified and documented in JRS Admin Guide and JRS Authentication Cookbook or B) fix this bug to make the JRS logging work again.



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