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  • Solving installation and update errors related to the update site of Jaspersoft Studio

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    An increasing number of people has reported problems while installing the plug-in version of Jaspersoft Studio using the direct URL itself or the Marketplace client directly inside their Eclipse installation. Similar issues have been reported also by people trying to update an existing standalone installation of Jaspersoft Studio.

    References to the mentioned issue can be found described here:


    Apparently the problem seems to be caused by changes performed by Sourceforge.net in their infrastructure (servers) configuration. There are a couple of entries in the Sourceforge site tracker that state clearly the exceptions verified and the causes.

    So the first problem appears to be caused by  the fact that they "... switched to strong encryption, while the Java JDK, due to export restrictions, is distributed without strong restrictions". As mentioned "for Oracle JDK, the solution is to install Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 8 Download": here a reference on StackOverflow.

    The second issue on the other hand is related to "https mirrors use "Let's Encrypt" certificates which are valid, but somewhat new and it seems the Eclipse/java environment doesn't trust it. You will need to update the Eclipse/java to support it."

    The suggestion is therefore to update the JRE/JDK installed on the system to the latest available, at the moment 1.8.0_u121.

    Besides this it is also necessary to replace the JCE without restrictions as detailed in the StackOverflow thread comment. 

    Please note that if you are trying to update an RCP version you should edit your Jaspersoft Studio.ini file temporary removing the information related to the bundled virtual machine feature (-vm flag in the configuration file). This way the Jaspersoft Studio installation will fall back to the system installed JRE/JDK and it will work fine.

    Additional Notes

    The main update site also set at Marketplace configuration is currently the following one: http://jasperstudio.sf.net/updates/

    It serves the last available version of the plug-in version of Jaspersoft Studio hosted on Sourceforge project site.

    Whenever a user needs to install a specific version of Jaspersoft Studio, he can manually add the update site in the "Install Software" dialog using a similar URL http://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperstudio/files/updatesite/x.y.z/ taking care of replacing the x.y.z with a valid version (i.e. 6.3.1).

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