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  • Crash when running on GNOME 3

    Massimo Rabbi
    • Skill: Intermediate


    When trying to start Jaspersoft Studio into a Linux environment that uses GNOME 3, it is possible to experience crashes.


    1. Customize the Jaspersoft Studio (Professional).ini file located in the same folder of your Jaspersoft Studio installation (i.e /opt/jaspersoft/jaspersoftstudiopro-5.5.0.final/Jaspersoft Studio Professional.ini) appending the following JVM argument:

    2. Specify the JVM argument above when running your Jaspersoft Studio installation from command line. Example below:

      -vmargs -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.DefaultType=mozilla[/code]
    3. Modify the config.ini file of your Jaspersoft Studio installation as follows (i.e /opt/jaspersoft/jaspersoftstudiopro-5.5.0.final/configuration/config.ini):


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