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  • JRIO At Scale : kubectl commands to create Metrics Server and Dashboards

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    • Features: URLs Version: v9.0.0 Product: JasperReports IO

    To create JRIO At Scale and monitor the pods, several commands need to be executed.

    Refer to the official documentation for detailed installation steps: https://docs.tibco.com/pub/js-jrio-at-scale/4.0.0/doc/pdf/js-jrio-at-scale_4.0.0_user-guide.pdf

    The dashboard-adminuser.yaml and dashboard-adminuser-clusterrolebinding.yaml files are attached. Please modify them according to your needs.

    For the installation of the Metrics Server, execute the following kubectl commands:

    kubectl apply -f https://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/metrics-server/releases/latest/download/components.yaml
    helm repo add kubernetes-dashboard https://kubernetes.github.io/dashboard/
    helm upgrade --install kubernetes-dashboard kubernetes-dashboard/kubernetes-dashboard --create-namespace --namespace kubernetes-dashboard
    kubectl apply -f dashboard-adminuser.yaml
    kubectl apply -f dashboard-adminuser-clusterrolebinding.yaml
    kubectl -n kubernetes-dashboard port-forward svc/kubernetes-dashboard-kong-proxy 8443:443
    kubectl -n kubernetes-dashboard create token admin-user

    Once the JRIO containers are running in pods, configure the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler using the command below. Please modify the command as per your requirement:
    kubectl autoscale deployment jrio-reporting --cpu-percent=50 --min=1 --max=2

    Ensure the JRIO REST Load Balancer endpoint is accessible only within the VPC, restricting public access.




    dashboard-adminuser.yaml dashboard-adminuser-clusterrolebinding.yaml

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