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  • How to backup your JasperReports Server to prepare for an upgrade

    • Features: JasperReports Server Version: v7.9.0, v7.8.0, v7.5.0, v7.2.0 Product: JasperReports® Server

    There are three main components to backup Jaspersoft before uprading your JasperReports Server or for a General backup.

    JRS war file, Jaspersoft Repo and Jasperserver DB.


    Backup jasperserver-pro App Directory-{War file}:

    Copy the JasperServer-pro application directory from the web application to a location outside of the web application. In a typical Tomcat installation, this would be <apacheTomcatDir>/webapps/JasperServer-pro.

    Note: The default application name is jasperserver-pro.

     Here is JRS folder structure for your reference:



    Export the JasperReport Server Repository {Repo}:

    There are a few methods you can take an export of the Jaspersoft Server Repository:

    1. Export using the Jasperserver Web UI:

      Login to your Jasperserver instance using SysAdmin credentials (superuser)

       Navigate to Manage > Server Settings > Export

       File properties: provide a descriptive name like JRSRepo_full_export.zip

       Then click on Export at the bottom. (You can include Audit and monitoring if you want to back those Audit and Monitoring events too).

    2. Export using the Command Prompt:

      This is another method to take a backup of the entire report using the buildomatic scripts. The export file produced in this step will contain all of the report objects and JRS       users in the repository. In a terminal window, navigate to the .../jasperreports-server-x.x-bin/buildomatic directory.

      Issue the following command:

      ./js-export --output-zip Entirerepo_filename.zip --everything

      Store the zip file with the application server backup.


    Backup the Repository Database {DB}:

    By default, the repository database is named jasperserver. Use the database vendor's tools to make a dump of this schema. Store with the other files.

    Since Jaspersoft, the bundled installer comes with PostgreSQL. Please see the below steps to take a backup of the Jasperserver PostgreSQL database.

    PostgreSQL provides the pg_dump utility to simplify backing up a single database.

    Open windows Command prompt and Navigate PostgreSQL installation folder: postgresqlbin

    Run the following command: pg_dump.exe -U postgres

    Enter the password when prompted for postgres user password

    Dump the contents of a database to a file by running the following command.

    pg_dump jasperserver > jasperserver.bak

    The resulting backup file, jasperserver.bak, can be transferred to another host with scp or stored locally for later use as backup.


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