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  • Difference between the JR WebStudio offerings - Standalone vs Embedded

    Mehul Bamania
    • Version: v9.0.0 Product: Jaspersoft® Studio

    This article explains the main differences between the Standalone Web Studio and the WebStudio embedded with JasperReports Server.

    The main differences between the 2 offerings are mainly around the Repository Management and Authentications. The editors/designers features are identical.


    • Allows you to configure SSO via external repository management tools like Google drive and GitHub.
    • Allows you to Configure the Jackrabbit repository with different OAuth providers, which allows you to manage users and their repositories.
    • Standalone JRWS allows you to configure different external/multiple repositories like Host File Repo, GitHub, Google Drive.
    • Ability to configure a connection to remote JRS repository (like in JSS) where you will have to provide credentials.
    • The standalone version has no notion of report unit (it does only when JRS repository is used as repository of JRWS, in which case JRWS act similarly to JRS). By default in JRWS data is fetched by means of Data Adapters only.

    Embedded with JasperReports Server

    • No option to configure any other external repository connections, only allows you to manage JasperReports Server resources.
    • No options to configure any authentication, only uses existing JasperReports Server sessions.
    • Tied to exiting JasperReports and no option to connect to any other instance(s) of JRS.
    • There is not the ability to fetch the metadata from a JDBC connection provided as JRS data source, so the metadata panel in the designer may not be populated when using a JRS data source (this may be solved in the future)
    • Preview works for Report Units.

    Please contact Jaspersoft Support for any further information including any licensing requirements.



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