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  • Adding Standard Deviation to Ad-Hoc

    • Features: Ad Hoc

    Here are the steps for adding "Standard Deviation" to the Adhoc Crosstab Designer

    Open "actionModel-adhocCrosstab.xml". Add the following into the measureColumn and measureRow sections:

    <option action="selectFunction"        actionargs="StandardDeviation"        clienttest="isSelectedMeasureNumeric"        isselectedtest="isSelectedSummaryFunction"        isselectedtestargs="StandardDeviation"         labelkey="Standard Deviation" />

    Then open "applicationContext-adhoc.xml". And add the following lines in aggregatedConfigs section:

    <bean class="com.jaspersoft.ji.adhoc.strategy.AggregateConfig">    <property name="name" value="StandardDeviation" />    <property name="functionName" value="stddev" />    <property name="calcMethod" value="sqlUnionAll" /></bean>

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