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  • Install TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio in Unattended Mode (Silent)

    • Version: v6.3.0 Product: Jaspersoft® Studio

    Command Line Installer (Windows)

    TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio installer can be executed via command line. Command Line installation supports also an Unattended Mode (Silent Mode) . 


    Options for command line Installer

    Option DescriptionOptionNotes

    Silent Mode (Optional)

    /SThis option will tell the installer to run in silent mode, no prompt will be required from user
    License Path (Optional)/LICENSEThe License path is optional, the license at the path defined will be copied into the installation folder of TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio with the name TIBCOJaspersoft-JSS.license.  If this option is specified it must be before the /D option
    Destination Directory (Mandatory)/DThe Path where TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio should be installed to.

    Sample Install Command

    Assuming the following:

    Installer Path: JASPERSOFTInstallerTIBCOJaspersoftStudioPro-6.3.0.final-windows-installer-x86_64.exe

    License File (downloaded from support portal):  C:JaspersoftMy Licensesjasperserver.license 

    Desired destination Folder : C:SWJASPERSOFTJSS630

    The install command will be:

    \JASPERSOFT\Installer\TIBCOJaspersoftStudioPro-6.3.0.final-windows-installer-x86_64.exe /S /LICENSE=C:\Jaspersoft\My Licenses\jasperserver.license /D=C:\SW\JASPERSOFT\JSS\630

    License File location

    This is valid only for the Commercial version of TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio.

    You can also put the license directly in the installation folder , using the following name: TIBCOJaspersoft-JSS.license.

    The installer will look for the license following this flow:

    1. (Optional) If the command is executed including the /LICENSE option the license at specified path will be copied into the Installation folder with name: TIBCOJaspersoft-JSS.license.

    2. The license will be checked in the installation folder with name TIBCOJaspersoft-JSS.license.

    3. If no license is present the 30day evaluation license will be used.


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