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  • How to properly remove Jasper Reports Server installed from WAR file

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    How to properly remove Jasper Reports Server installed from WAR file?

    This advice is related to the deployment that is installed on Apache-tomcat.

    To remove the application you should:

    • stop your application server

    • clean /work and /temp folders

    • delete


    sub folder from the apache-tomcat/webapps


    • start your application server

        If you would like to completely remove the application

    your unzipped installation folder should also be deleted, don’t forget about

    .jrsks and .jrsksp files that should be present in the home directory of the user

    that runs application server.

    An additional question might be if it’s worth to use Manager application

    (http://localhost:8080/manager/html) to

    remove the deployment (apache-tomcat has its own web user interface based

    application that allows to remove programs from its webapps folder)




    I can not advise to do this because Manager is unable to remove

    jasperserver-pro deployment from the first attempt:





    To finish this task I had to restart the application server and to repeat

    undeploy operation the second time.

    So my advice would be do do this manually from the command line.





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