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  • Getting Started with JasperReports Library

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    What is JasperReports Library?

    JasperReports Library is a Java Library that offers an interface to the JasperReports Library reporting engine and it is embedded in thousands of applications around the world.

    See a list of JasperReports Library Features.

    System Requirements

    JasperReports Library has few external dependencies. The two requirements are:

    • Java JDK 
    • JDBC 2.1 driver (if RDBMS used)


    JasperReports Library is a .jar file. Installation is completed by adding the jar file to your Java classpath along with other required jar files that support the JasperReports Library.  For more information see JasperReports Library - First Steps and 


    Optional Configurations

    Most of the JasperReports Library configuration is done within the JasperReports Library.properties file (for global settings) or at the report level by setting the appropriate settings within the JRXML.

    Using JasperReports Library

    It is highly recommended when you first get started with JasperReports Library that you leverage the Desktop Report Designer for JasperReports Library, iReport Designer. Many successfully use XML editors to create and modify the JRXML consumed by JasperReports Library, but it is much more effective in the majority of cases to work within iReport Designer. The JasperReports Library project includes many samples that are found here

    See Also...

    For additional information, see these resources:



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