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  • Getting Started with Azure - Launch Jaspersoft on Azure

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    • Features: JasperReports Server Version: v8 Product: JasperReports® Server


    This page explains the best practices in launching Jaspersoft's VM on Azure Marketplace.

    Jaspersoft offers BYOL (Bring Your Own License) VM on Azure. Instructions on this page ensure that the right VM size is selected for your Jaspersoft Deployment. 

    Follow the steps listed below to get your instance running. You can also find more details about launching and managing in the Jaspersoft for Azure Documentation v8.x.

    Please Note:

    Azure Instances are charged per hour or annually. In order to incur less costs for Azure machines, users often turn off the server when it’s not in use [NOTE that when you stop your VM instance server no one will have access to any reports or dashboards you have created until you restart the VM server]. 


    • Microsoft Azure Account. Don't have an Azure account? Sign up here

    • Certificate will be required to connect to Azure SQL Databases for security. Don't have a Key Pair created? Generate one

    • Existing Jaspersoft annual subscription (needed for BYOL)

    Steps to Launch

    1. Start from Azure Marketplace

      First find Jaspersoft on the Azure Marketplace. Go directly to the Jaspersoft listings.  Continue to the launch pages. Accept Terms.  

    2. Run Installation process 

      On the Create a Virtual Machine wizard page,

      1. select a resources group (or click Create new link to create a resource group for your deployment - this will gather all the resources together in one folder). 
      2. Set a Virtual Machine name and pick a region to launch an instance of Jaspersoft for Azure. 
      3. Select VM Size not less than 2VCPUs and 8GB of Memory.  
      4. Set your SSH credentials and enable HTTP and HTTPS ports. 
      5. Select at least 20GB Premium SSD Disk (We recommend to select SSD for best performance experience). 

      It takes about 15 minutes to complete. 

      When the installation is complete, go to your Resources Group and select VM that was created. On VM Page, find Public IP address, this is the Endpoint that you can log in to your new JasperReports Server installation. 

      On Jaspersoft Welcome Screen don’t forget to register for Jaspersoft Studio license and support. Change your first time credentials on the Login Page. 

    3. Upload Your License (for BYOL)

      Upon obtaining a license from Jaspersoft, please reference The wiki page, Applying Your Jaspersoft Product License(s), to learn how to upload your Jaspersoft license.

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