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  • Unable to order Crosstab column groups

    Jim W


    If you have a crosstab that has an order by clause so it returns data in an ordered format, the ordering is based on the column groups. However, you are not getting the data ordered properly. When you choose the option "data is pre-sorted" the ordering works correctly but then entire crosstab goes haywire and the row group aggregations are not applied properly.


    Setting the isDataPreSorted flag requires the input data to be presorted according to certain rules. When the input data does not meet the isDataPreSorted requirements, there should be no expectation on what the crosstab output looks like. JSS now supports setting order="None" for crosstab groups. That should be used instead of isDataPreSorted when the input data does not meet the presorted criteria.

    Ref. Case #1410871

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