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  • Spatial component not working in JasperETL TIS 6.2.1

    Jim W

    Issue Description

    Trying to use v6.0.1 spatial pluggin with Talend Studio

    spatial geometry components is from here : https://talend-spatial.github.io/

    I can load my project but the spatial components are not taken into account.  Everything else is working fine. Talend Studio doesn't open and sometimes there are workbench Save error.


    Try this workaround, https://jira.talendforge.org/browse/TUP-4318

    Add the following in the file  config,ini:

    ,org.talend.libraries.sdi@start,org.talend.sdi.designer.components@start,org.talend.sdi.designer.components.sandbox@start,org.talend.sdi.designer.routines@start,org.talend.sdi.repository.ui.actions.metadata@start,org.talend.sdi.repository.ui.actions.metadata.ogr@start,org.talend.sdi.workspace.spatial@start for the line: osgi.bundles

    Ref. Case 00072079


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