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  • Resizing elements inside a cross tab cell in TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio 6.2.1

    • Features: User Interface Version: v6.2.1 Product: Jaspersoft® Studio

    Issue Description

    It is no longer possible in TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio 6.2.1 to individually control the size and position of an element inside a cross tab (or table) cell. Any element added or edited automatically snaps to the width and height of the cell. If there are multiple elements in a cell, the height is divide equally between the elements to fit the cell.


    A property called 'layout' controls how the text controls can be resized within a crosstab cell. In Jaspersoft® Studio 6.2.1, the default behavior is that the layout property is set to 'vertical layout'. This forces the text control within the crosstab cell to conform to the dimensions of the cell. Setting the layout property to 'free layout' will allow users to change the width and length of the text control within the cell.

    Ref. Case 00068065

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    Even after setting layout property to free layout, still its not letting me to customize cross tab elements in cells. My requirement is very simple, i wanted to keep two fields in single sell next to next. But by default its coming one top of other. please help me on this.



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