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  • Report with a filter that has a / in it is getting an error about Invalid escape sequence

    Jim W

    Issue Description

    If you have a report that has a filter that contains string data, if you put data in the filter that has a / in it, the report may no longer work and throw an error - Invalid escape sequence.


    Although there might be other causes, this error may be a result of a jar loading order issue.  If you are using Tomcat 7, look for this file in WEB-INF/lib, hive-exec-0.12.0-cdh5.1.3.jar (which has the old commons-lang classes). Rename the Hive JAR to "a-hive-jar-with-obsolete-contents.jar" Restart JRS.

    Loading order will be changed to avoid the issue as a result.


    Ref. Case 00072065

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