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  • RAC Cluster SCAN connection string - Owner vs User Schemas

    Jim W

    Issue Description

    We have a database that has an Owner and a User schema. We do not want the data source to connect to the owner for potential security reasons. In our testing environment we use a 2 node RAC cluster.  We are trying to access the database using the SCAN name so that the work will be divided among both nodes. When we try to create a Domain from the Data Source the user schema has access (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) on the table but does not expand the table to show the fields. From SQL*Plus this user can view that table using: owner.table_name user.table_name table_name because a synonym exists for the user table. However, when creating a Domain connected to the user schema, none of the fields inside the table show up. If we connect to the owner schema it works and if we connect to a node directly instead of using the SCAN name we can use the user or owner schema.


    Use this connection string syntax


    Ref. Case 00062361

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