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  • Please Wait Loading when running a report for the first time

    Jim W


    During redeployment of a new release, you might encounter a pop up, "Please Wait Loading..." when running a report.   There are no errors in the log file, no errors in the HAR content.


    There are many possible causes for this pop up to show up like this.  There is one particular reason why you might get this popup.  It is possible that the developer forgot to optimize the javascript files after making changes.  One easy test would be to turn optimization off to see if the error disappear.

    In js.config.properties, change from true to false,

    If it works, then follow the procedure in the JS Ultimate Guide as follows.
    6.2.3 Customizing JavaScript Files
    If it still does not work, then there is some other problem that you will need to continue to troubleshoot.
    Ref. Case #1470534

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