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  • Installation or update problems with Eclipse Plugin version of Jaspersoft Studio


    Issue Description

    When attempting to install the Jaspersoft Studio as a plugin (community version only) for Eclipse, either via Eclipse Marketplace or "Install software", there are occassional errors indicating that update files or links are missing.   The problems are caused by intermittent hosting issues on sourceforge. 


    As a workaround you can try to install the plugin using the zipped solution we started providing in 6.3.1 version. 

    If you look into the folder presented by link https://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperstudio/files/updatesite/6.3.1/ you will see a full-site.zip file. 


    Download full-site.zip from the link above to a local drive, then in Eclipse choose Help > Install New Software... > Add (button), then hit Archive on the following pop-up and choose the full-site.zip which you downloaded, then follow prompts.

    Ref Case 01441936

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