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  • Include scheduled job in the audit report



    Our customer want to monitor both scheduled reports and executed reports with scheduler. 

    I checked the ready-made audit report (/public/audit/reports/Audit_Report) but I think it includes only executed reports with scheduler. The customer want to include the current scheduled report into the audit report.



    The auditing report only records the reports which have already been executed. For those reports which are still in schedule, but not executed, they will NOT be included in the auditing report. 

    You will have to create your own report by yourself to show those reports which have been scheduled, but not executed. If you connect to our repository database, you can find all scheduled report jobs from table jireportjob. 

    SELECT * FROM jireportjob; 

    You should be able to find the report uri which have been scheduled, but not executed. For details about the schedule, you can refer to other tables: jireportjobsimpletrigger and jireportjobcalendartrigger. 



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