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  • Hyperlink color is missing in report


    Issue Description

    In the previous versions of Jasper, when we add the hyperlink to a field it changes the font color to blue with underline.

    We have noticed this functionality is missing in current version.

    Any work around to enable this functionality than changing the font color/style across reports.?


    Below should be added to the very end of overrides_custom.css file of your custom theme:

    /* adding custom behavior for hyperlinks in JasperReports Server */ 
    ._jrHyperLink { 
    text-decoration: underline; 
    color: #0000FF 

    /* unvisited link */ 
    ._jrHyperLink:link { 
    color: #0000FF; 

    /* visited link */ 
    ._jrHyperLink:visited { 
    color: #800080; 

    /* mouse over link */ 
    ._jrHyperLink:hover { 
    color: #FF00FF; 

    /* selected link */ 
    ._jrHyperLink:active { 
    color: #FF0000; 


    - upload the modified overrides_custom.css file to the Custom theme  

    - set your Custom theme as Active theme to test this solution

    Ref. Case 00071405

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