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  • How to update output options for "Create Schedule" page


    Issue Description

    In previous versions a .jsp could simply be modified to hide or modify the output options, like PDF, ODT, etc on the "Create Schedule" page. In 6.2.1 these .jsp have been removed due an architectural change, so a different approach is required.



    To make the scheduling pages even more browser-driven or client-side driven, we stuck the output options into a javascript based model in which there is a ".htm" is just a template that the .js files write-out at runtime.

    Pertinent Info:

    To improve performance for the UI as a whole, we've designed an optimize process which combines templates and necessary .js files into a single .js file used for specific actions. So when running the webapp in optimized mode we're requesting fewer individual files and the total size of the files requested is smaller. In this case outputTabTemplate.htm, SchedulerController.js and several other .js files get combined by the optimization process.


    For the sake of testing, you can edit webappsjasperserver-proscriptsbower_componentsjrs-uisrcschedulertemplateeditoroutputTabTemplate.htm and ensure &_opt=false is added to the url (or disable optimization in js.config.properties). For example your edit can be the removal of PDF by commenting out the entire leaf:

    <!-- Customization Greg Hudson June 22 2016 to hide PDF as an export/output option on the schedule creation pages
    <li class="leaf">
    <div class="control checkBox">
    <label class="wrap" for="scheduler_box_1" title="{{- i18n["report.output.pdf.label.tooltip"] }}">
    {{- i18n["report.output.pdf.label"] }}
    <input id="scheduler_box_1" name="outputFormats" value="PDF" type="checkbox">
    end customization   -->


    To finalize your change so that is used while the session/webapp is in optimized mode you can edit webappsjasperserver-proscriptsbower_componentsjrs-uisrcschedulertemplateeditoroutputTabTemplate.htm then go thru the optimization process listed in the JasperReports Server Ultimate Guide (6.x here ) . Between tests, remember to clear browser cache to get the lastest .js files.

    Ref. Case 00069381

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