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  • How to set log collector level of detail or verbosity


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    Recent JasperReports Server features include a log collector, discussed in the Administration Guide. Via the UI you can set Low, Medium and High level of verbosity or detail. Change change which classes log with different amount of detail within these three levels, you'll need to make a configuration file change.


    The levels can be tweaked by editing the customerLoggerToLevelMap bean in WEB-INFapplicationContext-diagnosticCollectors-pro.xml .

    Log Collectors utitlize the same log4j mechanism which is the foundation of logging in other areas of JasperReports Server.   So to add or increase a verbosity for a particular class or package, edit the list of "entry" keys within the <util:map> for the level LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH which you wish to change.  The base set of logging from the file is seen below:



    So to make the "MEDIUM" level to output mondrian's mdx at a higher detail or verbosity, edit the pre-existing mondrian.mdx entry to list DEBUG instead of INFO, like:

    <entry key="mondrian.mdx" value="DEBUG" />

    If you wanted MEDIUM to also output data from the Quartz scheduler API, add a new entry element, like org.quartz which will log messages for all classes under the package org.quartz:

    <entry key="org.quartz" value="DEBUG" />

    Save and restart.

    Ref. Case 00070568


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