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  • How to remove the hyphen from the Scheduler Sequential File Name


    Issue Description [toc on_off::hide=1]

    Scheduler output typically has a filename which contains a hyphen. A pattern like MM-dd-yyyy results in a filename like Postcall_report-07-26-2016, but a customer would like to remove the hyphen so that the output is like Postcall_reportMM-dd-yyyy


    Within the downloadable source code there is a customization that can be made.  In class 6.1srcJasperReports-Server-6.1.0-srcjasperserverjasperserver-api-implenginesrcmainjavacomjaspersoftjasperserverapiengineschedulingquartzReportExecutionJob.java  there is a getBaseFileName() which makes use of a static variable, below which can be modified to another character or an empty string : 

    public static final String REPOSITORY_FILENAME_SEQUENCE_SEPARATOR = "-";

    This class was found mostly with find-in-files tools, searching within the deployed WAR as well as the source-code, using display labels from the UI, the .properties containing the display labels, the .jsp or .htm files containing input name values, and the .java files containing references to this input name value.

    Ref. Case 00070262

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    I don't have the file ReportExecutionJob.java. Also, my filepath is different. I have /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-4.0.0/samples/java-webapp-sample/jasperserver-ws-sample-jar/src/main/java/com/jaspersoft/jasperserver/sample. Under the sample directory, I have WSClient.java, ReportExecutionHyperlinkProducer.java, ImageServerlet.java, and ContentResourceDataServlet.java.

    How do I go about and remove the hyphen from the filename when adding a timestamp.

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    I have the same problem. I want to delete the hyphen between report name and date, but I don't know where ReportExecutionJob.java file is. 

    Have you find a solution?


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