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  • How to change the default “Output to Repository" folder


    Issue Description

    By default the "Output to Repository" field within the scheduling pages will match the location / path of the resource you are attempting to schedule.  This is configurable as of 6.3.0.


    You can configure in two ways.  
    First, here in webappsjasperserver-proWEB-INFapplicationContext-report-scheduling.xml by uncommenting the bottom line and specifying a value then restarting the webapp:
            <!-- Uncomment next entry and set the required default output folder URI value -->
            <!-- <entry key="scheduler.job.repositoryDestination.folderURI" value="/job_output" ></entry> -->
    Second, you can also set a user profile attribute for scheduler.job.repositoryDestination.folderURI to a user-specific value:



    Ref. Case 01471983

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