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  • How to Automatically Enable and Configure FTP properties in Scheduler 'Output Options' tab



    How do I set FTP as default output option for report job and specify default FTP settings (server, port, user, password)?


    Please note the solution below verified with TIBCO JasperReports® Server v.6.2.0

    Default values for FTP output can be setup in a Javascript file:


    Add the following code within outputFTPInfo: {.....} definition (line ~1455): 

    outputFTPInfo: {
          propertiesMap: {},
          serverName: "ftp.mycompany.com",
          userName: "user",
          password: "pass",
          folderPath: "output/reportjobs",
          type: "ftp",
          port: "21",
          implicit: true,
          pbsz: 0

    You need to replace dummy values with your custom ones. 

    Please note that, by default, JasperReports Server uses so-called optimized scripts.

    In order to test the changes you can add _opt=false parameter to URL to make the server uses non-optimized scripts: 


    If the changes meet your requirements, you should regenerate optimized scripts as described in JasperReports Server guide: 



    Ref. Case #00065192

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