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  • Horizontal slider in Report Viewer slides crosstab row group columns but does not slide matching crosstab header cells

    Jim W

    Issue Description

    Suppose you have a crosstab report developed from JS Studio. It has 20 row groups, one column group, and one measure, no totals. There are no hierarchies involved because there is one row for each subject and the other row groupings show information about the subject. It is effectively a table with a static number of columns showing information about a subject and a variable number of months showing activity counts based on each subject.  A crosstab is used rather than table because it is not known how many months will be reported on.   The crosstab header is used to label each row grouping by matching the position of the header cells with the appropriate column.  The crosstab output is wider than the browser, but when the user slides right to see the months that are not initially visible, the row grouping columns slide over the column grouping columns (as expected) but the associated header cells do not slide. The result is that the "column headers" (crosstab header cells) do not match up with the correct row grouping cell.  It is possible to export the crosstab to Excel and apply a freeze pane there, but this is not acceptable to the users because they want the report to be interactive.


    net.sf.jasperreports.crosstab.floating.headers to false

    Ref. Case 00068820

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