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  • Example of hardware recommendation

    • Features: JasperReports Server Version: v6.3.0 Product: JasperReports® Server


    The customer would like some hardware recommendation for the following configuration:

    Parameters for estimating exact hardware requirements are:

    • Report concurrency (number of reports run at the same time), intensity of user activity (e.g. think-time).

      It will be max 300 concurrent reports execution in a worst case scenario. 

    • Report complexity and result sizes. 

      Max 4,50,000 transactions per day and 22 days in a month. 

    • Existing RAM, Allocated Heap memory size, CPU Cores and other hardware specifications. 

      1. Usage Physical/Virtual OS Software Hostname CPU (Core) Mem (GB) Disk – IBM SAN SVC 

      2. Jboss1 Virtual RHEL 6.6 JBOSS EAP 6.2.4 ldctvljboa01 4 8 20G (OS) +80G (Data) 

      3. jboss2 Virtual RHEL 6.6 JBOSS EAP 6.2.4 ldctvljboa02 4 8 20G (OS) +80G (Data) 

      4. Marklogic1 Virtual RHEL 6.6 ML 8.0-4 ldctvlmara01 8 128 20G (OS) +200G (Data) 

      5. Marklogic2 Virtual RHEL 6.6 ML 8.0-4 ldctvlmara02 8 128 20G (OS) +200G (Data) 

      6. marklogic3 Virtual RHEL 6.6 ML 8.0-4 ldctvlmara03 8 128 20G (OS) +200G (Data) 

      7. Web Virtual RHEL 6.6 Apache ldctvlwebd01 2 4 20G (OS)+ 100G(Data)

      8. Jasper soft Virtual RHEL 6.6 TBD ldctvlappd01 4 32 20G (OS) + 50G(Data) 

    • Active users: Active users will be max 300 . 

    • Concurrent report executions: the subset of active users that are simultaneously demanding system resources like Jasper reports execution at any given time. 


    This would be question for service team (PS/SE) to provide individual guidance on sizing. The customer's answers indicate they do not have a well defined usage plan at this time. let me read between the lines here ....

    300 concurrent users running reports all the time (worst case).

    • this is unlikely for an interactive system - would only happen for production reporting

    No ad hoc (domains) or dashboards

    4 core, 32GB RHEL for Jaspersoft 

    • - could dedicate up to 30GB for Tomcat + Jaspersoft 
    • - reports only do not need a large amount of memory 

    IF - and this is really important - only IF: 

    • the individual reports perform in a reasonable amount of time - under 5 secs, say 

    • the 300 users are submitting 1 report every 30 seconds - which would be typical for interactive reports 

    => You would need 6-8 cores.

    There are many variables that come into play when estimating size. Our services team can help you evaluate this.

    Whether they can get that performance depend on their environment and use cases (what is being run, what is the speed of the data sources ... ).

    They need to test the reports to determine base line performance and then extrapolate what their capacity will be. 


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