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  • Determine your JVM's environment properties, variables and arguments


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    Your application server and JasperReport Server (JRS) often make use of the Java Virtual Machine's (JVM) variables and properties which are set as defaults or explictly via arguments. For example, the java.io.tmpdir property will impact the directory used by JRS's caching mechanisms for temporary storage of cache files. Often these properties are set via command line using the JAVA_OPTS argument which is passed to the main java command for your application server.

    These JVM properties appear in JRS's diagnostic report, but if the server won't start or you cannot run the diagnostic report there are other ways to determine the properties of your appserver's JVM.


    You can determine the properties and variables of your JVM by determining the process id of java (ps -ef, jps, or task manager), cd'ing to $JAVA_HOME/bin directory, then running jinfo <process id> .  Of course you can use grep to find a specific property.


    Pro tip, you can override properties like java.io.tmpdir via a JVM argument passed into your appserver's JAVA_OPTS during startup, like: -Djava.io.tmpdir=/usr/local/jboss/temp .  See the Install Guide section "Setting JVM Options for Application Servers" for more information.

    Ref. Case 00071274

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