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  • Dashboard renderer not found or failed to start. Please contact your system administrator


    Issue Description

    When viewing a dashboard in JasperReports Server, a customer selected the export icon to export to PDF,PNG, etc and received the error:

    "Dashboard renderer not found or failed to start. Please contact your system administrator"


    This is typically caused by misconfiguration surrounding phantom.js , logfiles will confirm.

    Per the User Guide, to export a dashboard the export button must be enabled via Dashboard Properties and PhantomJS has been installed the application server host and configured.  PhantomJS can be installed from http://phantomjs.org/ .

    For exporting to dashboard your WEB-INFljs.config.properties must contain a valid path for entry "phantomjs.binary", like:




    Restart after making updates to .properties files, then test again.

    Full information on installing and configuring phantomjs is discussed in the Administration Guide:



    Ref. Case 00069613


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