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  • Dashboard not showing up with Visualize.js

    Jim W

    Issue Description

    There might be many reasons why a dashboard would not show up when using visualize.js.  If everything seems to be in order, there might be one more thing that you can check.  For example, do you have a div tag defined similar to the following,

    <div id='container' width="800px" height="600px">Hello</div>


    The following is code behavior as of v6.2.0,

    Before putting dashboard html to the container, visualize.js checks container height.  If it does not have height, visualize.js sets constant 400px height for it.

    In this case, there is a placeholder "Hello" in dashboard container.  When visualize.js checks height of container, it has 18px because it contains text node "Hello" , then it replaces this node with dashboard markup.  Dashboard markup has div on the top which has position: related, so it doesn't stretch parent height.  You may not have exactly this scenario, but the explantion may provide insight into other related scenarios.


    Ref. Case 00067594

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