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  • d3 CVC not working when embedded using visualize.js

    Jim W

    Issue Description

    You are trying to embed one of the example d3 CVC components (d3_treemap) using visualize.js and are encountering a "Report render error". The output in the browser console is

    d3_treemap.min.js?noext:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: define is not defined(anonymous function) @ d3_treemap.min.js?noext:1 visualize.js:50 17:18:50.107 [Report] [visualize.js:50] [ERROR] - No define call for d3_treemap http://requirejs.org/docs/errors.html#nodefinee.write @ visualize.js:50e.extend._appendLogItem @ visualize.js:50e.extend._processLogItem @ visualize.js:50t @ visualize.js:49n._prepareLogItem @ visualize.js:50(anonymous function) @ visualize.js:50(anonymous function) @ visualize.js:101(anonymous function) @ visualize.js:49(anonymous function) @ visualize.js:49each @ visualize.js:49y.emit @ visualize.js:49(anonymous function) @ visualize.js:49each @ visualize.js:49c @ visualize.js:49_.completeLoad @ visualize.js:49_.onScriptLoad @ visualize.js:49 visualize.js:50 17:18:50.109 [bi/report/Report] [visualize.js:50] [ERROR] - report.render.error : Report render error

    The report loads fine when run from Jasper Server, this error occurs when using visualize.js only.


    In build.js, try the following.



    //optimize: 'none',

    baseUrl: '',

    paths: {

    'd3': 'd3.v3.min',

    'd3_circle_packing': 'd3_circle_packing'



    wrap: {

    start: "if (typeof define === 'function' && define.amd){}nelse if (typeof __visualize__ !== 'undefined' &&ntypeof __visualize__.define === 'function')n{n}nn(function(root){nnvar define = root.define;nn",

    end: "nn}(typeof __visualize__ != 'undefined' ? __visualize__ : window));"



    name: "d3_circle_packing",

    out: "d3_circle_packing.min.js"



    Ref. Case 00067806

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