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  • Custom Font used in Style Template is not working after publishing the report to jaspersoft Server


    Issue Description

    I created a custom font in Jasper Soft Studio and used this font in a style template. This template was then used in a report. If I generate a preview of this report in Jasper Studio, all is working fine and the custom font is used in the report. I published the report and all its resources to a jasper server and generated a preview of this report in Jaspersoft Server. But in this preview, the custom font is not working. What needs to be done for custom fonts to get them working in Jaspersoft Server? Do I need to publish the font seperately from Jasper Studio to Jaspersoft Server in a special way?


    Here are some general things to look for when a font is not working on JasperServer: - Verify that the font file exists where JasperServer is deployed - Ensure that the font extension jar is placed in the classpath of the app server Note: instructions for generating the font extension jar can be found here: http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jaspersoft-studio-user-guide/v630/working-font-extensions

    Ref. Case 00071687

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