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  • Can not make custom fonts work on Jasper Server

    Jim W

    Issue Description

    If you are trying to get some new custom or third party fonts into a report.  For example, font-awesome.  You have followed Jaspersoft Documentation, Wiki and the Internet posts and it is still not working.

    Check the following.


    1. The JRXML may have invalid/wrong characters. 

    The characters may have been corrupt as a result of a copy/paste operation.  The most reliable solution is to use Java Unicode character escapes in text expressions.  That is, e.g. "uf00c". 


    2.  The font from the extension may have an export mapping for net.sf.jasperreports.html to e.g. font-awesome.  This means that the exporter expects font-awesome to be available in the browser, and no longer serves the font from the extension as a web font.  Remove the mapping to have the report work properly in HTML.


    3.  The PDF encoding used for the font in the extension may be set to Cp1252.  That's unsuitable for Unicode Private Use codepoints, use Identity-H instead.


    Ref. Case 00071333

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