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  • Answers to the most common questions regarding ~+JFxxxxx.tmp temporary files

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    In this small note I want to share the information regarding the ~+JFxxxxx.tmp files

    that are produced by JVM during it's work with JasperReports Library/JasperReports Server.

    1) Why those files are produced?(e.g. instead use memory)What data is included?

    The files are not directly created by JR but by the JRE, more
    specifically by java.awt.Font.createFont(int, InputStream). It seems
    that the JRE (the Sun/Oracle implementation at least) needs to work with
    font files and doesn't support in memory font data.

    2) What  is the size of file and number of file depend on?(Font data
    size? or reports? or something?)

    Each file is a copy of a font file defined in a font extension. Note
    that in some classloading scenarios a font extension can be loaded
    several times, resulting in several temp files.

    3) Why sometimes temp files are not deleted? in what case?

    The files should be deleted on graceful JRE shutdown. They are not
    deleted when the Java process is forcefully killed.


    4) Are these files made by JasperReportsLibrary?Can I change their location?


    If you need to change the directory in which these files are generated

    please define or change the value of the -Djava.io.tmpdir variable for your application.


    Thank you for your attention to this article.




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