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  • Adding samples resources to pre-existing JasperReports Server installation


    Issue Description

    There are sample databases, domains, reports, topics, domain security files, ad hoc views, etc that can be added to a JRS instance during installation.  These are added by default when you do not use the "minimal" flag with js-install.bat/sh.  They can also be added to a pre-existing instance. These are helpful for reproducing issues that are easily replicated by the support team. They are also a helpful educational tool for perusing complex resources for the sake of learning, comparison and contrast, etc, like cascading input controls, domain security files, crosstab aggregate calculated fields (only with Postgres repo), charts, etc.   When using repository databases other than Postgres you can get the underlying sample data, sources and domains, but you won't have the /public/samples directory which contains richer samples of dashboards, complex ad hoc views and charts, which accompanies a Postgres-based repository.   However you can request an export from support of this directory.


    You can add the samples by running scripts which create and populate two database tables, then import resources into the repository.

    1. Via command-line, from the buildomatic directory of your JRS install media, ensure your default_master.properties is still pointing to the environment expected (refer to Install Guide). Then run the following six commands in order:

      • js-ant create-sugarcrm-db
      • js-ant create-foodmart-db
      • js-ant load-sugarcrm-db
      • js-ant load-foodmart-db
      • js-ant update-foodmart-db
      • js-ant import-sample-data-pro
    2. Restart the webapp. For background see "Installing the WAR File Manually" in the Install Guide


    If you are not using Postgres are your repository database, but want to see the sample dashboards and complex ad hoc views you should consider downloading and installing the bundled installer which will create a tomcat instance and postgres database instance for you.  This will allow you to see the samples in a test that is quick and easy to install.

    Ref. Case 00022402

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