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  • Run js-export/import Utilities to Use Different Server Than localhost

    • Features: Repository Product: JasperReports® Server
    I have a JasperReports Server (JRS) running on another server but since I have no shell account, I am not able to execute the import/export script from that server. Is it possible to run the script from one JRS instance and access the repository associated with another JRS instance?
    JRS import/export utilities do not connect to the JRS web application but directly to the repository database. Users can run the utilities from any server that has access to the database used as JRS repository.

    Users can modify context.xml file under their deployed JRS in buildomaticbuild_confdefaultwebappMETA-INF folder to point to an alternate repository data source to run import/export utilities. The only limitation is that the repository database must have the same version as the JRS version from which users are running the utilities.



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