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  • How to set different data label formats for different series in a multi axis chart

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    • Features: Charts Version: v6.3 Product: JasperReports® Server


    I've created a Dual and Multi-Axis Column Line Chart in an Ad Hoc View with these properties set:


    plotOptions.series.dataLabels.enabled = True

    plotOptions.series.dataLabels.format = {point.y:.0f}


    I would like to have different data label formats for the line and the bars on the chart.

    {point.y:.0f} for line

    ${point.y:,.2f} for bars


    You can set advanced properties for the ad hoc chart. In the advanced properties use the following to define different format for different series:

    plotOptions.column.dataLabels.format - for column series

    plotOptions.line.dataLabels.format - for line series

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    Further to this solution, how can I add a specific label to a series bar.

    EG 3 series bar chart in Advanced Reporting formatting(not studio) , with one bar label as % and other two with $. ?

    maybe with data option and 'plotOptions.series.dataLabels.format' ?

    Ive reviewd this to get some ideas but cannot get the right value options.






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