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  • How to fix: visualize.js is incompatible with jquery simplyscroll plugin

    • Features: User Interface Version: v6.3.0 Product: Visualize.js


    (v. 6.3.0):

    Visualize.js incompatible with jquery simplyscroll plugin

    The scroller works when visualize.js is not loaded and visualize.js works if the scroller is not on the page.

    Quoting the relevant snippet of JavaScript source code:

    $(document).ready(function() {
         $(function() {
           speed  : 1,
           orientation : 'vertical',
           direction : 'forwards',
           pauseOnHover: true,
           auto  : true

    Quoting the error message that is caused by the code above:

    Javascript error message
    TypeError: $(...).find(...).simplyScroll is not a function
    http://jlr-dev.principlereach.com/jlr_dev/script/html/concat/all.js?usn=247424666 line 1 > eval
    Line 8


    Plesae use the optimized version of Visualize.js.

    To use optimized version of visualize.js feature you should

    add _opt=true


    <script src="http://bi.example.com:8080/jasperserver-pro/client/visualize.js?_opt=true"></script>

    Please refer to the relevant documentation for the detailed

    explanation concerning this adjustment (Visualize.js Guide 6.3.0, page 8):


    Please be informed that this plugin has been announced as obsolete by its vendor:  http://logicbox.net/jquery/simplyscroll/


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