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  • HighCharts Function Does Not Work in JasperReports Server (JRS) 6.2

    • Features: Charts Version: v6.2 Product: JasperReports® Server

    In JRS version 5.2, a problem was reported relating to highcharts functions not working with JasperReports HTML5 chart. This bug was subsequently fixed in release 5.5 (refer to bug report internal reference JS-23139). This bug however resurfaced in JRS release 6.2.0 probably due to regression caused by the new dashboard. Although there was no official report on this problem, it was quickly fixed in release 6.2.1.

    If our user is planing for upgrade, our suggestion is to upgrade to at least version 6.2.1 to avoid this problem. There's no hot fix for version 6.2.0 to solve this problem since 6.2.1 is considered a service pack for version 6.2.0 to fix problems and enhance features.


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