[#9961] - Crosstab's Increment type & Reset Type Not Found

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Sometimes I have problem with set increment type and set reset type on dataset crosstab.
Sometimes the group are not founds. so I cannot assign to the new group.
It just has some default increment type there.

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can you please register a screencast with the steps that lead to the mentioned situation?
It would be nice to reproduce. If possible also include the sample JRXML.



Hi Massimo,
Thanks for the response.
I don't think It needed to send JRXML.
Steps are easy enough. Let me explain :
1. At first I create the groups. I Created 2 groups which is : groupname and reflgno.
2. I create the crosstabs. but when i choose the increment type or reset type on the crosstab I can't find any of my group that I created.
It just so stranges, it just happen with the crosstab only. If I select the normal field and I choose evaluation time then I found the group I created.
It happen of my every JRXML files.

But what make it so strange is that problem just happen randomly. Sometimes I can select the group on crosstabs, sometimes it just "group groupname not found" and I cant select the group that I Created
Sometimes I need to Close and re-opened the Jaspersoft. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

PS* I hope you understand what I mean, sorry english is not my first language. if you dont understand. I would be happy sent the jrxml to you.

Handoko Werento


The issue can ba also reproduced with the following steps:
1. open a report which has groups and a dataset
2. click directly on the dataset and go to reset type without previously clicking on outline (this somehow loads the groups)
3. the groups cannot be found if there was no previous click on outline


Another problem which appears here is the following:
1. open a report with datasets and groups. load the groups as explained in the previous comment. they will be visible after that for the dataset reset type.
2. open another report with datasets and different groups. if checking the reset type on the dataset, the groups from the previous report will be displayed.

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Hi, the fixed is committed and any version following the current 6.5.0 will include it.