[#7921] - Sporadic the value of a property cannot be changed.

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Sporadic the value of a property cannot be changed. I can click the value, but instead it will only mark the line and not let me change the value. Only a single static label is selected in the design view.

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If this happens, it happens to alot, but not all static fields. Normally a restart of JSStudio fixes this.

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as far as I can see it appears could be related to the following exceptions:
at com.jaspersoft.studio.model.ANode.getAvailableSize(ANode.java:692)
at com.jaspersoft.studio.property.descriptors.JSSPixelLocationValidator.checkValid(JSSPixelLocationValidator.java:189)
at com.jaspersoft.studio.property.descriptors.JSSPixelLocationValidator.isValid(JSSPixelLocationValidator.java:67)

can you recall what kind of operations you were performing before accessing the property from the advanced tab? It would be nice if you can register a screencast or at least put down a list of steps to reproduce the error.



Hi Massimo,
The uptime of the program is quite high, basically i am editing jrxml files all day long. Some of these documents may be older , ~ iReport version <5. (why i pick this up here, the older documents sometimes have a problem with items in the report are moved off a bit, maybe 2-3 pixels, but the direction varies from field to field. This just reminded me, when i see Pixel location NPE :-). )

When it happens, it occures after i switched a branch (git extensions) and start working on the document. The first steps are tp compare the the design view with a customer sample. Followed by checking arround various PrintWhenExpressions, so i am jumping arround in the document quite alot.

If it happens again, i will reconstruct my last steps to give you a detailed view.

Thanks alot. Best regards,

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Ok got it. Since you are referring to old iReport documents, it would be nice you can attach a sample, whenever you face again the problem.
Moreover since you are working with old files, depending on your needs, please consider to set the compatibilty information from the preferences.

Best regards,

P.S: I will put the bug in suspended mode for now then.

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I'm facing the same problem using JSS 6.2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 but I'm only using new files created on JSS 6.2.2.
This often seems to happen (not always) when I scroll down on "Parameters" list using a mouse and when my report size is larger than the display.
This happens when I use my mouse and not when I'm only using keyboard or modifying "source" directly instead of using the designer.
I have to restart JSS every time this happens. It may be that if I waited a very long time, I will be able to continue editing but didn't get resolved after waiting 5 minutes so I just restart every time.


One more thing, severity is "minor" because JSS still asks me if I want to save before terminating so I don't lose me work.